Cliff Maloney is a United States political strategist and commentator.

He is nationally known for launching the grassroots program “Operation Win at the Door” which has now knocked on over 3 million doors and elected 300+ state legislators.

All of whom pledged to not raise taxes, not vote for unbalanced budgets, and who will defend the Constitution.

Cliff has made over 75 television appearances including Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, The Blaze, RSBN, and PBS.

His comments and opinion editorials have been placed over 100 times in TIME, Washington Times, The Hill, The Daily Caller, Reason and more.

His life’s mission is to create a liberty state by targeting the 5,413 state legislative seats in America to elect principled citizen legislators.  For his results, Cliff has been dubbed an “audacious disruptor” by the Washington Examiner and a “rough and tumble libertarian” according to Politico.

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